Random ft SPM result countdown
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Wahai syaitan syaitan yang mendorong aku untuk menaip setengah jalan, pergi mampus lah engkorang nun jauh di sana.

Hello, everyone! Its already february god, I was actually thinking what the shit I had done in this two months of my not so holiday after spm. Basically, my holiday was filled with full of boredoms yet, some people said, it is just a bad day not a bad life, heh! Living my boring holiday for day in and day out can consider as a bad day, also okay. God, I was trying to spread the positive vibes in my introduction but obviously, it turned out to be in negative side, oh bad me.

A little word

Oh, for now, I do online business, do follow instagram @adem.co for trendy shoes and tees! Well, I do onlineshop since my form 4 actually and stop doing that in my form 5 since I was an spm candidate at that time. Okay, let just not being so detailed about this, lol.

Okay, since it is already february, I think the form 5 students could feel the fear of getting the spm result, lol. In within a month, oh a month.The time really flies like so fast? omg guys, I did not mean to spoil your holiday but could you please sober and stand in the reality.

joker and here we go

Korang nak tahu tak? I did searching for videos that related with spm result with keyword 'SPM Result Day' at youtube like omg, what the hell I was actually doing xD The feeling seeing those lucky people getting flying colours result was really undescribeable, god please grant me and batch 99 with flying colours result. Frankly said, I did not expect for straight ace due to my addmath paper T_T Miracles oh, miracles where are you? Hahahaha.

Since we live in society where most of them think if the person gets an excellent result in his/her examination then, the person will be considered as a good person and instead of it will be considered as a bad person, it did scared me a little. I just realize and think that we should exterminate this mentality type as every human has their own limits and privileges.

Whatever it is, I had already did my very best for my spm and will try to accept whatever my spm result will look like (pasrah terok ayat). I was actually thinking about makcik makcik that will question my spm result after this, even some of them had already asked me;

 'Agak agak dapat berapa A?' 
'Agak agak dapat berapa A?'
'Agak agak dapat berapa A?'

It happened on last week okay, omg man and ofcourse, the most important is my mother's expectation . Tiada yang lain selain ingin mencapai hasrat umi nak tengok anak dia naik pentas T_T . Allahu, I am sorry umi if I did not pass your expectation, but you should know that your son had already tried his best, umi.

Yasss, I have changed my blog design like again and again. Sorry if yall get annoyed on my 'always new look' habit, omg even me did not even understand myself, lol. I got boring easily feat designing is actually my passion, to be honest.

Those who always follow up this blog will get to see how addicted I was in customizing this blog design rather than updating any posts, lol xD

Guys, my zenfone 6 asus mobile phone had already broken at last, the phone was actually problematic since the first time I bought it, I cant denie it high specifications but the most annoying part is the battery! I mean, I did charged it for whole night? whole night but it still, did not fully charged.

Oh asus, 1.5 years was just really enough for me, I cant stand with you anymore. Right now, I am using my mom's spare phone and did not even decide to repair the phone since I think it is just a worthless. For your information, I bought the zenfone 6 with my nuffnang earning, yes full complete by using the earning.

Here is the prove

Kalau nak tahu, family aku ni jenis yang tak beli phone untuk anak anak. Kami, adik beradik yang pakai phone ni semua pakai guna duit sendiri je. Alhamdulillah, rezeki nuffnang aku masa tu aku boleh beli zenfone 6 ni. Kalau lah aku sabar sikit je lagi, tak ke boleh beli seketul iphone. Mungkin memandangkan masa tu aku gila phone yang screen dia besor besor plus giler nak up trend pakai smartphone, terus rembat zenfone 6 ni secara gelojohnya, nak dijadikan cerita kan.

Omg sudah la korang, kemain panjang lebar sampai bila tak habis ye dok? Doakan aku, batch 99 dapat keputusan yang cemerlang & destinasi torbaek selepas spm mengikut bidang yang kami minat! Amin! Terima kasih sudi baca cerita random buruk aku sampai habis, pardon my bad english, Im still learning yall, muah ciked bye ♡